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Welcome to the new Youth Group website. We have refreshed the design and changed to a new design. Whether you’re a new customer or one of our long-term clients, we hope you will enjoy our restaurants.

Message from the President

やること全てが楽しいとは限らない。 楽しいと自分に言い聞かせなければならない時もある。 それでも私は、楽しいと思いながらやるようにしている。 人ができることは、人にやってもらうかもしれない。 けれど人ができないことは自分でやる。 私は私らしく生きる。 ただそれだけ。
Not everything we do is fun.
Sometimes you have to tell yourself that it is fun to do.
I try to make sure that what I do is fun.
I may have others do what others can do. What others cannot do, I do myself.
I will live my life as I do.
That's all.

April 27th - Grand Re-Opening of Namsan Honten

April 27th - Grand Re-Opening of Namsan Honten

Thank you to everyone who came to the private opening April 24th. We’re grateful to those who have been a part of Namsan. Together, we can build relationships be like family. We look forward to serving you from April 27th.