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Savor your health with every bite


Our aim is to deliver smiles to all customers through our restaurants and services. Smiling is important to maintaining health. Our staff do their best to cook and prepare fresh ingredients, deliver delicious food and impeccable service with smile. Food experiences with us become more meaningful and leave customers feeling full and happy.



Dine in individually partitioned rooms or have a party for a large group in this unique, beautifully restored 150-year-old building. The traditional atmosphere with a modern touch is sure to offer the perfect setting for your special dinner, event, or party.

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TEL (16:30〜23:00): 0268-25-2377

Namsan Akiwa features an open space and high ceiling, with individually partitioned rooms that allow for both privacy and a spacious atmosphere. With plenty of parking spaces, it’s easy to enjoy lunch, dinner, events, or parties at Akiwa. If you join us for lunch, try one of our carefully selected and delicious lunch sets.

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TEL (11:00〜23:00): 0268-23-7701

Only 5 minutes from Nagano station, this thoughtfully designed location allows you to enjoy delicious food in luxury. Relax and try some of our specially chosen cuts of meat in small or large groups after a long day. We will always be happy to serve you.

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TEL (16:30〜23:00): 026-269-6066

Come enjoy the luxurious, natural-themed interiors at Namsan Matsumoto, only a 5-minute walk from Matsumoto station, and less than 15 minutes from Matsumoto Castle. Enjoy the true taste of high-quality Shinshu Beef for dinner with us.

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TEL (16:00〜23:00): 0263-39-6339

Located just one stop on the shinkansen from Karuizawa, enjoy lunch, dinner, events or parties at Namsan Saku. The large space can accommodate events of up to 150 people at a time. Try one of our delicious lunch sets to re-energize, relax for dinner after a busy day, or sit down for Shinshu Wagyu shabu shabu (hotpot).

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TEL (11:00〜23:00): 0267-67-7020


Table Reservation (Weekdays only)

Please enjoy fresh sushi delivered directly from Himi Harbor
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TEL (11:00〜21:00): 0268-75-1077

Please enjoy fresh sushi served by our chef in Yuukito Nagano
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TEL (11:00〜21:00): 026-259-0095

Please enjoy fresh sushi at Yuukito Saku
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TEL (11:00〜22:00): 0267-88-6619

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・You can place your orders from the ‘Takeout Menu’ via LINE.
・You can reserve your seats via LINE. Waiting in line at the restaurant is not necessary.
・You’ll earn the points for discounts.