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A  circle  of smiles connected through food

“Carefully selected high quality meat”
“Fresh and natural vegetables”
“Fresh seafood selected with expert eyes”
“Rice matching each dish”

We continue to focus on these items because we want to make our customers smile and feel good.

Our customers' smiles make us smile.

“Smiles connecting through food”

Why don't you join us and bring smiles to people's faces?

Recruitment details

The kinds of the jobs

A. Service in the hall
B. All operations in the kitchen

Overview of the jobs

Yakiniku, Sushi, Western food, Central kitchen
All operations in every restaurant

Contract type

Permanent employee
Part-time worker



Bussiness details

Planning, designing, and managing restaurants
Planning, production, and sales of food
Development of franchise business


Nagano, Ueda, Matsumoto, Saku

Working hours

Shift system 1) 10:00~19:00 2) 13:00~22:00

*This is varied at every restaurant.


Style   Permanent employee: salary

Part-time worker: wage

220,000 yen~400,000 yen


At least one day a week, consecutive holidays are possible


A.Up to 50 years old
B.Up to 60 years old

Application requirements


(Those who experienced hall or kitchen jobs are preferred)

Skill and experience

Not required

Record of childcare leave


Commutation allowance

Actual cost (no limit)


Uniform loan
Salary supplement
Company housing or rent allowance
*Please contact us about others

Special notes

*Trial period is more than 3 months (the condition is the same)
*The place of interviews will be informed separately.

How to apply

After contacting us by phone or on the following form, send us your resume, CV, and introduction letter. After the documents arrive, we’ll inform you of the result of the screening process and the date of the interview.

Application Form


    ホール 16時〜23時キッチン 16時〜23時

    ホール 9時〜23時キッチン 9時〜23時

    ホール 16時〜23時キッチン 16時〜23時清掃 13時30分〜16時30分

    ホール 16時〜23時キッチン 16時〜23時清掃 13時30分〜16時30分

    ホール 9時〜23時キッチン 9時〜23時清掃 9時〜11時・13時30分〜16時30分

    ホール 11時〜21時キッチン 11時〜21時

    ホール 11時〜21時キッチン 11時〜21時

    ホール 11時〜22時キッチン 11時〜22時